One of the most commonly sold products in the business market and the essential machine to provide cold water to your employees, customers and visitors is the Blue Star water cooler. Since the last 60 years, Blue Star has been the leader and expert in refrigeration and Air conditioning products in India. Blue Star is continuing its dominance in the refrigeration section and till date is the market leader in Water coolers.

If you need advice on how to choose product or how to ensure providing water to employees and visitors in your Office / Factory / Showroom / School / College/ Religious places / Restaurant; please feel free to contact us. We have huge range of Blue Star water coolers & water dispensers to provide customized solutions for each client – we give you right guidance to best fit your current & future needs.

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Our range of Blue Star water coolers

Blue Star Water Cooler range

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 About Blue Star Water Cooler range:

Water coolers are meant to serve in many ways. The quality of a water cooler is decided by its cooling capacity or speed of cooling, measured in Liters per Hour (LPH). Since, Blue Star water cooler is superfast in its cooling, this is preferred in areas with frequent usage of water. These places include colleges, schools, corporate offices, religious places, restaurants as well as many other high density places.

You can choose right Blue Star water cooler as per your desired capacity, budget and needs. We have 3 types of water coolers to best meet your need:

BSL 150SDLX series: These are fully stainless steel water coolers and the most rugged & sturdy water coolers in the market. Because Blue Star water cooler body is designed with 304 grade stainless steel, that’s why it protects body from rusting & corrosion and gives longer life to water cooler. The models include 20/20; 20/40; 40/80; 60/80; 80/120; 150/150; 170/380. Here, 1st number is Cooling Capacity (litres / hour(litres / hour) & 2nd number is storage capacity (Litres).

Blue Star Water Cooler 1NST series: This is unique series of water coolers in the market. This type of water coolers provides steel water cooler body at an economic price. These water coolers have front, back & bottom panels of stainless steel and side panels of coated steel. The models include 20/40; 60/80; 80/1200; 170/150. Here, 1st number is Cooling Capacity (litres / hour) & 2nd number is storage capacity (Litres).

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Stainless Steel water coolers with Plain and cold water option **Most in Demand**

Taps for hot and cold water

PC series: This is unique Plain & Cold series of water coolers in the market. This type of water coolers provide Plain & Cold water cooler from same model. The models include 20/40; 40/80; 150/150. Here, 1st number is Cooling Capacity (litres / hour) & 2nd number is storage capacity (Litres).

Blue Star Water cooler with inbuilt purifier:  Most of the water coolers mentioned above require a separate water purifier. Normally, this water cooler is wall mounted. Not only this type of RO water purifier looks shabby but also gets dirty with time. Now-a-days a shift is observed in the market from Water cooler & additional Wall mounted water purifier to Water cooler with inbuilt water purifier. Blue Star has several models in the inbuilt water cooler type.

UV RO inside Blue Star water coolerThis range is equipped with ultra-modern UV purifiers & in-built RO. The best part is that with these water coolers, you do not need any additional purifier or RO; instead these are inbuilt within Water cooler itself.

           1.  Water coolers with Inbuilt UV models

           2.  Water coolers with Inbuilt RO models

Although the cost of water coolers of this series may appear on higher side; but if you go for these accessories on your own and add service costs; your cost will definitely be higher than water cooler with pre-fitted RO. Blue Star provides you all top-quality Aquaguard UV & RO pre-fitted in your water cooler at single place. Furthermore, pre-fitted accessories saves space, electricity consumption and you don’t need to sacrifice complete wall space for the water purifier. In anyway, you need to have purifier to eliminate chances of contamination These water coolers are most useful in large offices, restaurants, hostels, hotels etc. The models include 60/80. Here, 1st number is Cooling Capacity (litres / hour(litres / hour) & 2nd number is storage capacity (Litres).

Warranty : All water coolers are covered with 1 year of manufacturers warranty. Blue Star toll free number for service is 1800-209-1177

Prices of Water Coolers

The blue star water cooler price depends majorly on the type of water cooler that you choose. Because of its history in refrigeration, Blue star has added many different types of water coolers and the water cooler price depends on the features within the water cooler.

Overall, there are three types of water cooler within Blue Star. Blue star uses SS304 in the construction of all these water cooler types. Along with this, the compressor is rugged in nature and the machine is tropicalised. It will give cold water even at hottest temperature in India.

Let us delve into the different type of Blue Star coolers and Blue Star water cooler price.

Model Cooling Capacity


Storage Capacity (litres) Suitable for MRP
 SDLX240 20 40 1 tap, 40 people  27850
SDLX480 40 80 2 taps, 80 people 36750
SDLX680 60 80 2 taps, 100 people 38000
SDLX8120 80 120 2 taps, 120 people 51350
SDLX15150 150 150 2 taps, 150 people 54500
SDLX100 170 380 4 taps, 350-400 people 78550
NST2020 20 20 1 tap, 20 people 21550
NST6080 60 80 2 taps, 80 people 31300
NST80120 80 120 2 taps, 120 people 44850
NST170150 150 150 2 taps, 150 people 52900

*Contact us for Corporate deal / Bulk Deal / Dealer enquiries. Above prices are MRP as on January 2021. 


The advantage of a Blue Star product is the service support for the product. Blue Star takes pride in its excellent serviceability. Because of its vast presence in Water coolers, Deep freezers, Air conditioners, Refrigeration products, Blue star has service network present all across India. It is excellent in providing service at your doorstep

For any service calls, you can contact Blue Star customer care number at 1800-209-1177

Ordering of the product

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