40 liter water cooler

One of the most widely selling water cooler in Blue star, the 40 liter water cooler is also known as the model SDLX 480. This model is perfect for offices and places which have around 80-100 people. The 40 liter water cooler is completely stainless steel and has a rugged compressor thereby operating in a very silent manner.

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There are 2 different variants for the 40 liter water cooler.

The SDLX 480 model comes with 40 liters of cooling capacity per hour and 80 liters of storage capacity per hour. It has 2 faucets, both of them giving cold water. The dimensions of the water cooler are 26 inch width, 19 inch depth and 48 inch height. The SDLX 480 also has the plain and cold variant.

The PC 480 model is the plain and cold variant of the 40 liter water cooler. The technical specifications of the SDLX 480 is same as the PC 480 model. This water cooler too has two faucets. But one faucet will give plain water only whereas the other water cooler will give 40 liters cold water per hour.

The PC 480 model is recommended for religious places as well as for offices where there is a combination of the young and the old as the plain water will be preferred by older people. Mumbai refrigeration is Blue star authorized dealer for all refrigeration products and we deal in both variants of the 40 liter water cooler models. Kindly email or call us for your requirement.