We have a huge range of Blue Star Deep Freezers to provide customized solutions for each client – we give you the right guidance to best fit your current & future needs.

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Blue Star Glass top Deep Freezer

The chest type Blue Star deep freezers – Storage Freezers

Blue Star deep freezers are the one with hard top lids on top, unlike the glass top deep freezers which have glass lids. These lids are made of MS Steel. The hard top deep freezer is perfect for storing frozen foods which do not require any display. Best part is that we also offer fresh range of home freezers. these are small capacity deep freezers which are commonly used by veg / non-veg families to stock their frozen food items, spices as well as grains. The Chest freezers come in the following capacities.

The variety of Hard top freezers are

  • 100 ltr single door deep freezer
  • 150 ltr single door deep freezer
  • 200 ltr single door deep freezer
  • 300 ltr single door deep freezer
  • 300 ltr double door deep freezer
  • 400 ltr deep freezer
  • 500 ltr deep freezer

The Glass top Blue Star deep freezer – Display Freezers

The Glass top deep freezers have a sliding glass lid on top instead of an MS lid. The glass top deep freezer is generally used to store display products such as Ice creams. The glass top deep freezer comes in 100 to 500liter glass top deep freezer capacities.

  • 100 ltr glass top freeze
  • 200 ltr glass top freezer
  • 300 ltr glass top freezer
  • 400 ltr glass top freezer
  • 500 ltr glass top freezer

The premium display freezers

The premium display freezers are curved glass top freezers which are used when your product is a display product. Many people first buy a freezer and then they have to search in the market for the glass canopy. Now with the curved glass top freezer, you don’t need to search for a glass canopy. It is by default coming with the machine.

Half cooler half freezer – Cooler cum freezer

Many of our customers in Delhi ask for a combination freezer or a half cooler half freezer machine. This machine is in increasing demand since the last few years because it does the work of both – A deep freezer and a bottle cooler. The advantage is that in the same space, you can save ice creams as well as cold drinks and beverages. The half cooler half freezer is most in demand in cities where there is space constraint. In such places, general stores and ice cream shops regularly buy the half cooler half freezer.

Blue Star bottle coolers

In deep freezers, normally temperature set in -18 degrees. However, if you want only cooling and your requirement is +2 to +8 degrees temperature, then you need the Blue Star bottle coolers. These bottle coolers come in two type – The ones with stainless steel inside as well as the ones with the pre-painted sheet inside. Both types of Blue star bottle coolers give amazing cooling.

  • 300-liter Bottle cooler
  • 400-liter Bottle cooler
  • 500-liter Bottle cooler

Overall, the above are the complete refrigeration product range of Blue Star. As the company adds more freezers and coolers in their portfolio, we will add more products on our site. Blue Star as a company is known for its consistency and service. And we can assure you that you may be anywhere in India, but you are sure to get Blue Star service at your doorstep. For any clarifications, you can write to us through the contact us form.

Many of our customers require deep freezers regularly to store ice cream as well as frozen food items. These customers include hotels, hospitalities, ice cream vendors and many others. These deep freezers are manufactured by various companies. But one of the oldest and most trusted names in deep freezers is Blue Star deep freezer.

Blue Star is a leader in the refrigeration products segment and is known for its water coolers, dispensers, and deep freezers which it is manufacturing since the last 60 years. Blue Star manufactures both, Glass top deep freezers and Hard top deep freezers.

Important points of Blue Star deep freezer

  • Blue Star is the Market Leader in Refrigeration products
  • We are 20 year old Exclusive dealer of Blue Star based out of Mumbai
  • The deep freezers have Strong construction and superb cooling
  • There are Single door and double door options available
  • Drain at the bottom for manual frosting every 2 months
  • Very low power consumption
  • Wheels in the freezer for easier movement
  • 100 to 700 liter hard top freezers
  • 100 to 500 liter glass top freezers
  • 300 to 500 liter Bottle cooler (for cold drinks)
  • Half cooler half freezer
  • Premium Display freezers
  • Stainless steel freezers